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We are CEMBA

We bridge humanitarian aid and circular economy

CEMBA – Circular Economy in Made in Bangladesh Apparels, is the only initiative worldwide that brings together the circular economy and humanitarian response. CEMBA re-uses the garment waste in order to produce sleeping products for refugees.

What we do 


Decent sleep for refugees 

Our sleeping products ensure a comfortable and cozy sleep for children refugees, often fragile and traumatized. 


Extend lifecycle of textiles 

We recycle the leftovers from the garment industry and implement the leasing model. 


Eliminate land contamination

We prevent the textile leftovers from ending up in landfills and incineration. 

Dignity for all

Screenshot 2018-11-02 at 11.15.15.png

" Dignity.

Something so necessary for a human being’s self-worth, but something that is lost for so many refugees struggling to survive at camps. "

CEMBA believes that providing high quality sleeping products can improve the dignity of refugees. Almost half of them have no access to sleeping products and have to sleep on the ground. The mattresses and blankets can keep these people dry and warm, protecting them from illnesses and giving them a feeling of safety. 

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